Wednesday, 11 May 2011

My loot!

They've arrvied!!! My shipment of carters and oshkosh loot has landed in my home! While I was unpacking and sorting them, I was in shocked and fear. Shocked that my online clicks gave me such outcome unknowingly. In fear of my bill when it arrives. This is intense damage done to my pocket. It's okay, I love the damage that has been done.  
Pretty clothings for my Js - Jazz's on left, Jareth's on right
Jazz's wardrobe is really packed!

Their clothes are spilling out of the wardrobe, I've problem squeezing these in. It's time to do some archiving again. Having kids of different gender means having to buy more. Wardrobes of different colours and clothes of girl and boy.   
Still some space for Jareth's wardrobe. Collection in progress.
There's now a long queue of clothes waiting for the Js to wear. After sorting out these clothes, I entertained the thought of having a number three! Can't believe it. Just so that these clothes don't go to waste, maximising their life span and making my purchase worth. Just a thought, don't take it too seriously.

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