Wednesday, 4 May 2011

New clothes Again!

New clothes for the kids, again! I've promised myself countless times, never to get them more toys or clothes, but just couldn't resist. There was a toy sale last week, and I got Jazz some toys. There was a Gap sale yesterday and I got the Js some clothes. My goodness! Never mind those, I've more shipments arriving either some time this or next week. Online shopping is such an addiction, till debt do us apart!!! While I was choosing their clothes yesterday, I thought how fast has Jazz grown, she can no longer fit into those cutie wears that says 0 to 3mths, 3 to 6mths etc. Soon, the little boy will outgrow these sizes too. They are growing too quickly!

I feel happy when the Js dress well, pretty and confident. Moreover, I'm very particular about the material they wear - whether it's soft and comfy for them to move about and sleep in. That explains why I'm a Gap, carters and Oshkosh fan, their wears are comfy and affordable. Always the best time now to make them wear what we like.

My loot from the Gap sale at Isetan. $8 each!

Much being said, I've two large boxes of clothes that have been archive. They are what Js can no longer fit into. Maybe a number three to justify these clothes. 

Archived clothes

It's now more of the kids clothes, and less of the Mum's!

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