Thursday, 5 May 2011

Play Date

Last weekend, Jazz had a play date with Leo. The parents arranged for them to chill out at Fidgets! It was our first visit there and the both of them had so much fun. We were there for almost 3 hours. While the man was with Jazz, I enjoyed my chocolate milkshake with the little boy and our friends at the cafe. My comfort didn't last long, I was summoned to play with Jazz, and that really sweat me out. Fidgets is so much bigger than any other indoor playgrounds.
Drive drive drive

She's good at climbing

Who's taking the wheel?

Obstacle course again

It's a very huge playground, with many sections divided for the different ages. However, the place doesn't look as vibrant and cosy as the other smaller playgrounds like peek-a-boo or polliwogs. We've only brought Jazz to these few so far. The slides at fidgets were rather steep, and that caught me, I was reluctant to slide it. Snacks wise, thumbs up for its milkshake and unlimited play time. Playgrounds exhaust the kids energy, Jazz fell into sleep mode when we drove off.

We should arrange more play dates!

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