Sunday, 15 May 2011

Thumb sucking

Jare found his thumb! And he's conveniently sucking it as and when he likes. I'm hoping he doesn't follow after Jazz's fingers sucking habit. I've then decided to introduce another great invention, called the 'pacifier'. I've no idea how reliant he's going to be on the pacifier, but I know it helps to ease sleeping frustrations in the night. And he won't have any chance to fist, fingers or thumb suck. Tentatively, this 'weapon' is only used for night sleep. At least, I won't have to carry or pat him, the pacifier is my proxy. 
Caught in action
I thought he looked cute with the pacifier. Denotes a baby!

I didn't introduce a pacifier to Jazz because I was afraid of weaning her off. Now, to think of it, pacifier seems easier to wean off than her fingers. I hope Jare doesn't stay too long or reliant on pacifier. Walking toddlers are not too cute with pacifiers in their mouth all the time.

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