Sunday 5 June 2011

Circle of Life - Lion King

It was finally a success for Jazz to watch the musical, Lion King. We made three trips to the MBS theater just so that she could catch it. The first and second was offered by my bro and his gf. Kids below three enter free. The first trip was not a success because my bro got the date wrong, the tickets were not for that day. It was difficult to explain the err to Jazz, so her dad told her that Lion had gone back to the zoo. I guess she was convinced.

The second time was of the correct date and time. My bro brought Jazz into the theater while we had dinner at the food court. We were on standby. In case she didn't like the show, we were outside to receive her. I didn't expect to receive the 'emergency' phone call within 10 mins from start. She cried upon seeing the animals. After some coaxing, she tried again. She was out shortly after the second try. Either she was frightened or that we were not with her.

So well, it was the third trip today. We got the tickets at a 75% discounted price! They were co-sponsored by my company. And with the help of some angel colleagues, I managed to get 6 tickets for ourselves and my family. It was definitely a good buy because we love the musical!

I couldn't believe that Jazz sat through the show with us for a good 2.5 hours. She was captivated by the 'animals' and songs. Although she did point to the exit a few times, asking to go out, I managed to divert her attention. The show kept my eyes and butt glued, I was hoping that I wouldn't have to get out because of her fuss. After the interval, I praised her for braving with the 'wild animals', and got her a pack of m and m to bribe her through the other half of the show. And well, I'm just glad that we brought her along. We did it!

The successful attempt! We were waiting for the show to begin.
It was a very good show! Excellent costumes, props and choreography. A show worth spending your money on. The show is running till 31st Jul, catch it, you'll not regret.

Jazz has been so hooked on Lion King, she would keep singing, "In the jungle, where the mighty Lion is sleeping tonight..." And ask her what's little lion's name, she'll tell you, "Simba!"

Hakuna Matata - Means no worries!

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