Sunday, 19 June 2011

Friday night out

Jazz's fever subsided the next day after the bee episode, wasted my leave. But we had fun and great bonding for allowing her to skip school. 
That evening, we had dinner at a tech restaurant, Genki sushi at Orchard Central. A place we like to visit because it is rarely crowded. The place was really cool, it uses ipad to place orders and a 'train' to send your orders. The humans were only used to send orders that can't be delivered by train. Jazz was amused, so were we. 
Her cutie utensils
Collecting sushi from the 'train'
Sending back the 'train' at a button press
We thought it was fun dining this way. To keep Jazz entertained, we sent our orders one by one, just so to increase the frequency of the 'train' arriving. 
I ordered a plate of Japanese soy beans for my consumption. I peeled the ready beans in a plate for Jazz but she threw the beans after chewing awhile. She repeatedly did so until I began to wonder what she was up to. I realised she was imitating me. She thought I threw the half eaten beans away, but it was the pod that was not edible. We laughed and taught her how to open the pod to eat the beans. She was so cute, after my demonstration of bean eating, she gave a loud, "Orhhh." I've no idea whom she picked that from, I suspect her Daddy. 
With all might and strength... squeeze!
Got her bean!

She finally ate the beans completely without throwing it out. After dinner, we strolled along orchard and she asked to take picture with whatever ornaments we walked by. I see a 'me' in her, we love photo taking!   
Dragged Daddy in for picture
Another picture with Daddy's shopping loot

Our final stop was ice cream at cold stone. My man is never a fan of food, so let alone the long queue to get that satisfying treat. I managed to convince him only when we found that the queue moved relatively fast. Still, he complained of aching legs after we got the ice cream. Which is why they are the worst shopping partner to be with. We had to finish the ice cream within the fastest time and in the least enjoying manner. All because the little girl did a poo and I didn't bring enough diapers. As usual, the man blames the woman, because I'm the permanent packer of her bag. If only roles were the other way round, I'm sure to get my chance to nag too. On our way home, we were all tortured by that pungent smelling poop, circulating in the car. 
Dad and daughter in queue for ice cream
I kept asking Jazz to be good the whole evening so that she gets an ice cream treat. In the end, she didn't like the ice cream. I thought it tasted good though. 

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  1. i loe genki sushi during my pak tor days..then it went obsolete for a while..i have yet to go bk to this outlet to relive my pak tor days.hhahhaha


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