Saturday, 4 June 2011

Meet the teachers

We met up with Jazz's teachers this week. It was our first "Meet the Parents" session. The children were napping when we visited school. We took a peep at the sleeping Jazz before our talk began.

I love this family portrait pasted along the stairway to her class. It never fails to brighten our morning whenever we bring her up.

The man brought his camera just to capture her sleep moment in school

When we sat down, her teachers presented a scrapbook with many photos of her 'campus' days. I was very impressed, not by her photos, but by the teachers' craft work. It was a very beautiful collage of her school life. I was so inspired to do one for Jareth too... God, grant me more time please!

Here's her beautiful scrapbook:

Her classmates and her

Lesson on tastes and music

Colours and motor skills

Toasting bread and spreading the jam. And story time.

Playing with finger puppet and having deep thoughts in the playground

CNY artwork and Chinese story telling time

Her little palm work and painting session

Her little feet and art and craft lesson

Sing along time and time for toys

Playing hard at the playground

Excursion to the park

I love this book! If only I've more time, I would love exploring scrap booking.

About meeting the teachers. We spoke for about 45 minutes on Jazz. Her teacher was all raves about her, telling us how advance she is and how well she knows her letters, numbers and speech. She shows great interest during lessons and story time and is well liked by her classmates. Her Chinese language teacher praised her for knowing her mandarin well. All seemed well except for her not being too good in her toilet training. After hearing all praises, I felt that she was being over flattered. I asked for her negatives, they said she could be a little stubborn at times. It takes lots of negotiation and coaxing to get her do things right. I do agree, she does insists her own ways.

I hope we will continue to be present for all meet the teachers session. It's a good way to find out the other perspective of your child, from a teacher's view.

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