Friday, 24 June 2011

Not a good week - Episode 1

This is definitely not a good week to be in. Jazz was down with a very high fever on Monday night, it hit a record high of 41deg! It frightened the wits out of us. That very evening, we 'collected' her earlier from school upon her teacher's call. She had no appetite for dinner when we were home, yet she asked to go city square. Anyway, I did so upon her command. While I was doing groceries shopping, I saw that her eyes were watery and she looked 'drowsy'. I ended my trip swiftly and drove home in the most anxious state ever. Thank God my mum was with me, she had the little girl in her arms, at the back car seat. Jazz was so sick that I kept calling out to her, you have no idea how worried I was. While driving, I called home and asked the man to prepare cold sponge and paracetamol. Instead, the man carried her into the bathroom for a moderately cold shower.

After all efforts, we still couldn't bring down the temperature. We could usually control the temperature, but not that night. At 11:30pm, we decided to send her into KKH. She was given immediate consultation because of her high temperature. She was given ibuprofen and did a blood test, after which her pulse was monitored. After that, we stayed around to await the test results. While waiting, she perspired and temperature went down to 37 deg. She was all comfortable after her temperature was brought down.

Upon the second consultation for test results, the doctor mentioned that viruses are found in her blood and asked to admit her because of her high fever. It's most likely a viral infection then. So well, we did according and admitted her. In fact, we were quite prepared with KKH's "Standard Of Procedure", we had her bag prepared. It was about 1am when we admitted, Jazz was all smiley then and she talked so much. That being the temporary effect of ibuprofen.
Having her heart rate measured. We brought her comfort toy along.

In the hospital's bed

When she saw her bed coming, she said 'share." Then I said, "The bed is so small, how to share?" Jazz replied,"Jazz and Daddy first, then mummy ok?" She such a sweetie!

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