Saturday, 25 June 2011

Not a good week - Episode 2

Into the next morning, the man and my noses were running mad. The hospital was too cold for us and we weren't too well either.

At 4am, I went home, hoping to give my nose a rest and to check on the boy as well. In midst of these, I had to work the next day. I planned to be at work for half a day to finish some stuff before heading home. My plan disrupted when my bro called to share the most contagious news ever, little boy is down with fever too, at 39 deg. That was a Tuesday morning, and it felt like a marathon Monday to me. I was in the midst of discussion and lost all concentration upon the call. I left the office. Moreover, I was on medical leave that day.

So the scenario was, little boy was home with fever, little girl and daddy were down with fever in the hospital. I wasn't spared, I was down with fever too. What influenza is this?!!! Even the usual healthy ones aren't spared! In midst of such chaos, the parents have to be strong for the little ones.

I brought the little boy to his Pd and got his medication. His doctor asked if I want to admit him, for him still being an infant. I gave a Firm "No." I've run out of resources to run between places. Jazz in still in the hospital. After sending Jare home, I took an hour nap to re-charge, and rushed to the hospital to take over the man's shift. The girl was sleeping, her breakfast and lunch were untouched, her appetite was zero, so were ours. My body became feverish, and as the day went by, I couldn't stay in further to care for her. Both the boy and girl are sick. I want to be with both of them. In fact, I needed rest myself, I was really weak. The parent bed in KKH was bad, it didn't feel suitable for human usage and the air con was too cold for me.

I made the most major or rather risky decision in my life. The doctor didn't want to discharge her, and so I signed the disclaimer form to bring her out of the hospital. I know it wasn't quite right to do so, but in my feverish state of mind, I just want to consolidate my family at home. I want my comfy bed to rest in and I want to be there for both the kids. It's taxing to travel between places. Jazz kept asking to go home too.

She got bored

We gave Jazz a shower before proceeding home. She was a HAPPY child when we packed and left. My temperature hit 39deg and Jazz hit 40deg that night when we were home. I panicked! Have I made a wrong decision. We followed whatever cycle the nurses did, paracetamol, ibuprofen every 4 and 6 hourly. After some time, she was a little better, and I continued my rest. I had a deep and dreamless night of sleep, nothing was on my mind. Perhaps, a mother's only privilege when she's sick. I even missed Jare's night feed, I couldn't hear his cries. My mum had taken over my night shift. Thankful for her.

My man was also sick, but I couldn't extend any concern for him. In the midst of ALL our illnesses, the heroine was my Mum. She up her roles to care for the two little ones, which I'm very thankful for. Mothers are still the best, ever there when you need help most.

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