Sunday, 26 June 2011

Not a good week - Episode 3

I still can't conclude the bad week. The kids are still running a temperature. The fever seems long-staying. This morning, we brought them to the doctor and hopefully, the kids are on the recovery route. Doctor said Jazz had mycoplasma, he diagnosed from experience I guess, no test was done, so I'm not sure how accurate he is. Mycoplasma is a milder kind of pneumonia, which is commonly mistreated as flu, it gives persistent cough and fever. 
Jazz began a course of antibiotics, and it is extremely tough to coax her into taking it. Let me know if you've a great solution to get her swallow that not too tasty medication. She is relatively alright with medications except this antibiotics, and the challenge is that we have to finish its 7 days course. Jare is doing better than Jazz, I credit it to the antibodies in my breast milk. The doctor didn't see a need for him to be on antibiotics. 
Jazz has missed many days of school and so have we missed days of work. It isn't easy being a working mum, I testify that. While it's war time in your family, we've to worry about work, about bosses and colleagues not being able to understand our plight. In midst of these, I kept telling myself to place family above anything else. The best I can do for the kids is to be there for them, my presence is more important at home than at work. 
My big and little darlings after a trip to the clinic
  Children, please get well soon! Let's start Monday well.

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