Monday, 6 June 2011

Barney at a Party

Yesterday was an eventful Sunday. We had lunch at SwissHotel Merchant Court with my Grandparents, parents, aunties and the kids before heading to a birthday party. Our buffet lasted for three hours, and Jare behaved by sleeping through our feast. I thank him for that.

After lunch, we proceeded to Jazz schoolmate's birthday party. When I opened the door of her friend's house, I was surprised to see Barney! What an invited guest for the party. Her friend, had a Barney party. The goodie bag, the deco, the cake and the songs were all on Barney. Jazz was so happy to meet Barney, she kept touching and waving to him. She loves watching this purple dinosaur on TV too.

Our shot with Barney. No need for meet and greet pass.

Curious about every part of Barney

Jazz enjoyed the party very much. She was talking about Barney all the way, into the night. The kids had fun and the parents had great time catching up with other parents. Only thing, I thought this Barney looked a little too pirated.

Our day didn't end, after party, we headed to the airport, to see my bro and his girlfriend off to Paris. Yet another holiday trip for them. I'm so with envy. Jazz had so much fun at the airport, she was running in every directions, exhausting her energy in every way.
Not confined by space

We told her about airplanes and she showed us her 'flying plane'

Asking everyone to hold the handle bar. No idea what was she up to

Not forgetting moments with Jare

It was a back to back eventful day. Too much fun can be tiring, but I don't mind being exhausted for and with my darlings. Monday is a dread though.

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