Saturday, 9 July 2011

Big Sis and Little Bro

It took Jazz some time to adapt to the arrival of her little brother. There was jealously, extreme misbehaviours and tantrums. There were even moments when Jazz would challenge us to hit his little brother. That was scary! Time smoothed things out for her. Now, she would play, read, sing and change his diapers (with supervision of course). In our everyday routine, we would bring Jare into our conversations, we would kiss him before leaving home and greet him when we're home.
They play together
They watch baby signing together

Jazz entertains Jare

Jazz reads for Jare
Not kidding you, she was really reading to him. Jazz has these category of favourite books and from here, there are books that she knows how to narrate just from the pictures. We've read those books umpteen times.

I hope they will grow up with great sisterly and brotherly love and bond for each other.

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