Friday, 22 July 2011

Endless buys

Even though Jare is my second child, I've still some stuff to buy which I didn't get when I birthed Jazz. I got these items upon his arrival:

Pupsik pouch
I got this from mothercare at some discount. As he grows by days, he didn't like being couched to sleep in this manner. It served me well up to his third month. Although it still can be used for him to sit upright, I didn't really further it's usage. This pupsik pouch comes in 3 different sizes, purchased according to one's weight. It can't be shared around if we're of different sizes, so I couldn't share with my mum.

Baby Bjorn carrier
I got this from Kiddy palace at some discount too. It's still serving me well. I use this for short trips like groceries shopping. He can doze off anytime in here. And he likes being carried this way while I do my shopping. I like the convenience and being able to get my hands free.

MPJ Nursing cover

This really is one of my best investment. It allows me to nurse almost anytime and anywhere, without having to panic about getting to a nursing room. It's really easy to use, lug it over shoulders, hide the baby in and milk. A must have item in my bag if I'm bringing him out.

Dwinguler play mat

I wanted to get this mat for the longest time ever, since I had Jazz. I'll never forget how Jazz fell from bed when she was 6 months young. I neglected her growth, left her on the bed, went for my shower and she fell. From then, it's always floor level for all activities. This play mat is serving us very well. The Js play, milk and even sleep on it. The parents nap on it as well.

Bumbo seat
I got this bumbo very recently, 3 days ago to be exact. He likes to sit upright, but still unable to sit independently. This bumbo allows him to have upright view without having us to carry. He watches TV in his bumbo and soon, he'll start semi-solids on it. I got this on sale from Spring maternity. You can purchase it with or without the tray. The man bought it with a tray though. My mum and myself like this new buy. Spares us from aching arms. Always remember using it a low level and soft ground.

Mambo baby pool
I got this hands down from a Mummy on a Motherhood Forum. I bargained to get it at $30 for the pool. So far, I've only used it twice. I bought just so that he can have some water play without dipping into those cold pools out there. In the end, Jazz loves playing in it, much more than Jare. Litres of water wasted in here, but I used the water to wash their toys and toilets after their play, at least I recycled.

Perhaps I should have a number 3 to maximize the usage of these items' and make my spending worth.

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