Sunday 24 July 2011


Where did we go today? We visited farms! Fish farm and farm mart. Both in the wild wild west at Lim Chu Kang. The weather just perfect for our outdoor plans. Our first stop was the Qian Hu fish farm, followed by the farm mart. There really are many many different types of fishes in the fish farm. Some fishes are really 'valuable', they can be sold for up to thousands of bucks! What an expensive hobby to be in love with fishes.
Fish being tattooed
They're all fishes

Another type of stingray
After viewing, we went catching "longkang (drain)" fish. The fishes were so difficult to catch, and the net was so small. When I tried, I knew it was a challenge for Jazz. The fishes swam really fast and swift, they disappeared when the net or human comes near. The man and myself contributed to the catches. Jazz caught one fish... a dead one. I saw the enlightenment on her face, but I've to tell her it's a dead fish. She really was excited over her successful catch until we told her, it wasn't a count. Come to think of it, I should have just kept quiet and allowed her to put it into the tank. Praises are so essential for the little ones.

We ended our catch with about ten fishes, and brought them home. The catch was $5 for half hour, includes a tank to bring the fishes home.

The challenge

Her tank of fish

Quenching my thirst, not Jare's
Next stop was the farm mart, there were animals like parrots, rabbits, goats, bullfrogs and tortoises. My usual brave little girl didn't dare to feed the tame goats, but she had fun feeding the rabbits. She put her fingers so near the rabbits' mouth that I fear for her. I was bitten by a rabbit before, so they didn't leave me good impression.

Beautiful blue parrot

Braved herself for only one feed

She loves feeding the rabbits
Each packet of animal food is at $1. We spent $1 on goats and $2 on rabbits because she asked for more! Visiting farms are budget spending with ultimate fun!

Our final stop was answering the call of our tummies.

3 dishes, 1 soup
Jazz enjoyed herself and Jare was really well behaved in the carrier throughout the day. He was a no fuss baby when we walked through the farms, I guess he was enjoying the trip as much as we did.

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