Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Jare's Eyes!

Jare is growing everyday, he's getting more interactive, he chuckles, smiles and laughs at us more often. He's speaking his baby language and he loves rolling over his tummy. Recently, he has engaged himself onto baby bright and baby signing DVDs. 
And of all, I've suddenly realised that his eyes are humongous! Neither the man nor myself has those huge eyes. Friends and even strangers would tell us that his eyes are huge. I hope he grows up proportionately handsome.
Jare's huge and electrifying eyes
Eyes that sparkle

  I don't recall Jazz having those huge eyes. Here's what I've dug out for comparison: 

That's Jazz at 4 months old.

Jazz was chubbier than Jare

I don't really see those double eyelids in them, or maybe not yet. They'll be beautiful in my eyes anyway. I just wonder how are they are gonna look like when they grow older... years will tell.

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