Monday, 4 July 2011

Jazz no cute

Jazz is getting terrible with tantrums now. When we're out, she would always ask to be carried, even for short distances. I've no idea what's in her little mind, why doesn't she wants to walk? When she starts to cry loudly outside, because we refuse to give in to her requests, we get stares or heads turned.

At times, I master the art of ignorance. In midst of these tantrums, I kept sane and whipped out my camera to snap, for keepsakes too:
Not giving into her request
She insisted that I read her books at her 'NOW'
She wants to be carried even in the nursing room!
We love remembering and capturing beautiful moments, but maybe some crying moments would be good to laugh over in time to come. I hope Jazz outgrows this stage soon, but there's still Jare waiting to enter this phase. Grant me double portion of patience please!

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