Saturday, 2 July 2011


Hi there! Would like to organise some sprees, so I'm gathering responses to see if we have enough orders to share shipping cost. Here are some sprees that I've items to get from:

1. iherb - I'm getting happy baby yoghurt melts and cereal for the Js. There 's 10% off purchase with $60 or more.

2. Tommy Hilfiger - There's additional 30% off sale items + additional 10%

3. Carters & Oshkosh - 10% off purchase with $50 or more OR 20% storewide

For iherb and Tommy, you'll have to send me your orders by Tomorrow, 3rd July - midnight. In order to be in time for discounts. For carters and oshkosh, you can send me by Friday, 8th July.

I'm using vpost, sharing the base charge among these sprees. However, if we do not have enough orders, we'll have to drop the buys and join other spree-ers.

Email your orders:

This is a spree for my friends, so it's just the actual rate and sharing of shipping cost according to weight of items.

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