Thursday, 14 July 2011

Trip to underwater world

We brought Jazz to the Underwater world last Sunday. It was a promise hanging on her daddy's lips for weeks before it finally realised. That day was really hot! But we still prefer Mr Sun to Mr rain. I had the excursion bag packed all for the adults and the kids. Diapers, snacks, plenty of water, hats and I felt like I packed the whole house in. The load became lighter when my mum offered to babysit Jare. It was much easier to just lug a toddler out. So we began our underwater journey:
Surrounded by underwater creatures
Gigantic fish!
Putting her hand into the tank to touch the fishes
Foot reflexology with the fishes that eat dead skin. Jazz didn't dare to try.
With Mr Shark
While relaxing our feet, Jazz fell asleep in daddy's arms.
After she woke up from her nap, she was all energetic again. But the adults were tired, we took a little more pictures and called it a day.
With her favourite Jelly Belly beans
She sure can pose with lolly

With huge m & m

Underwater world has many visitors during weekends, both tourists and locals. The entrance is free for kids below 3, but pricey for the adults. Only good to go as an eye opener for the little ones in a blue blue moon. Nothing much to be impressed about, I feel. I was pretty ambitious about conquering the different attractions in Sentosa that day, but my body wasn't up to it. I was much exhausted just after these few activities. See what I meant:

And with such signs, it means home...

Well, at least the promise to the little girl is fulfilled. What freaks us out is when she says, "I want to go to the Underwater world again."

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