Monday 8 August 2011

Animal Restaurant

Are we running out of places to go? I've been staying around my area for near five years and it's the first time we strolled down the streets on a Sunday evening!!! My home is in the middle of Little India and my Sunday evenings are usually swarmed by foreign workers. By foot or by car, they are really massive beings who gather in groups at any corner and cross the roads like nobody's business. I wonder why jay walkers are never fined here.

Our mission that day was to get Indian food. My dad has been craving for nan and so we made a trip to satisfy that carving of his. I've no idea why a Sunday of all days. Together with my parents, my elder brother and his girlfriend, we walked to the place. 
My dad joined the crowd to shop!

"The jungle tandoor"

While waiting for the food be be served, Jazz went round taking pictures:

Monkey above them
Little boy is hungry, 'munching' his daddy's arm

Being occupied by diaper bag, while I managed to eat in peace
Great dishes and yummy nans

Their food is yummy and it's not too bad dining here. Only thing is their very heavy wooden bench that makes sitting uncomfortable. There are many great Indian food around my area to be explored. It's not difficult to love Indian food. Remember to explore them on any days, other than Sundays, unless you want to have a taste of truly India.

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