Thursday, 11 August 2011

Farms again

The man brought us and my mum to farms... again! This time, goat farm, vegetable farm and frog farm. The day was hot, extremely hot. I packed everything we needed except our hats, my sunglass and sunblock, how could I have missed them out. I have sun phobia.  Our first stop was the goat farm - Hay Dairies Pte Ltd.
Goats were fenced at a distance from humans
When we arrived at the place, we were welcomed by the very pungent smell of the goats. Children and adults were pinching their nose, so did Jazz. Because of some AVA regulations, we couldn't feed the goats. A little disappointment for Jazz, but that's alright, she fed goats at farm mart the other time. 
With Jare and a goat posing at the background
Chocolate goat milk
I got the man to get chocolate milk, hoping that the smell isn't that bad. When I tried, I almost puke! It stinks and it's yucks! But know what, Jazz seems to love it, she finished about a third of it. I wonder why... Next stop was some farm, I don't know what it was, just beside the goat farm. We went in for a brisk walk and Jazz fed the kois in the pond.
I asked Jazz to put her fingers into the pond and the kois will swim to her. I knew they were harmless, they'll just suck and go. Jazz put her fingers in and the suction was rather strong, I saw her tugged forward a little. Then she turned to me (time for revenge, I guess), and asked me to put my fingers in. Frankly, I didn't dare! How could I have asked her to do something which I didn't dare. I saw the koi's huge mouth and I backed out. Even the man wasn't keen to take up the challenge. I felt kind of bad to have 'cheated' her. 
Fish food for them
See their huge mouths!

Our third destination was the frog farm - Jurong Frog Farm. It was all about frogs, many of them! And bullfrogs are really not quite good looking.   

Nope, I didn't pick the frog. We're all fearful.

Jare has no idea who he's facing!

We were all tired after three stops, but not forgoing the last stop, vegetable farm - Kok Fah Technology Farm. The greens are beautifully grown and sold here, even greener than those in the supermarkets. But there's just as much as we can buy, these greens are perishable within days.

Harvesting the bittergourd

With that, we ended our long and perspiring farms trip. When home, it was shower for everyone except the mummy. I headed to the kitchen to prepare dinner, and these were the dishes: 

'Gong Bao' Frog leg and potato leaves from the farms

The plates were polished clean with all food in our tummies. Yums! Well, we have enough of farms, I guess. At least for the time being.

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