Wednesday, 17 August 2011

First Food

Jare started his first meal of cereal last Saturday. I've no idea what was it that I've ate or done during pregnancy that gave him those 'octopus hands'. He was a rather difficult to feed because his hands kept reaching for my spoon and bowl. I was constantly trying to balance his bowl of cereal and getting the spoon into his mouth. Sweat!

I fed him at his freshest and well rested moment - After his nap and when he's not over hungry.
A clean bib and a happy baby to begin with

Dripping messily
He likes his cereal - gave me an 'I want more' look when he finished. But it was a test run, so just that little cereal will do. Jazz was pretty excited when I was feeding Jare, I allowed her to try, but those octopus hands together with her poor balancing skill resulted in mess. When I fed Jare this evening, I allowed her to try again with water. Practice got her perfect, she's doing it better now.

And she shaped her mouth when she feeds, "Ahh...'
Starting on semi-solids is a very remarkable milestone for Jare and myself. He slept through the next few days, except for one day. I'm hoping this is my light after the tunnel. Please please... let it be. I'm not liking disrupted sleeps.

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