Sunday, 21 August 2011

One night with MBS

My dad got a room at MBS for us to celebrate my mum's birthday. It was an awesome stay for all of us. I brought the kids along, but wasn't sure about staying a night until we saw the huge room with 2 beds - One king and one sofa bed. Jazz slept between my parents on the king and Jare between us on the sofa bed.

The moment we stepped in, our jaws dropped. The room was really huge with two divisions, the bedroom and the living room. We were all busy exploring the room, and so was Jazz. I should have video-ed her expression, she went round exploring with a very surprised and curious face. She must be wondering who owns this 'house.'

The sofa bed that transforms

Two basins toilet

Bath tub which we didn't really make use

Busy Jazz walking around
After settling our excitement over the room, we wasted no time in wanting to dip into the sky pool. Hearing and seeing much raves about it, we've not been there till yesterday. The moment the lift door opened on the 57th level, where the sky park and pool are, I was sold! The view captivated me and I went speechless. I was so tempted to leave the kids with the man, just so that I can swim in the adult pool in solitude. But being nice, I soaked with the kids in the toddler pool.
Therapeutic view!
Jazz loves water fun and Jare is expressionless most times....

Woah... don't fall. But it's very safe... no fear.

After water fun, the Js slept and I lazed around the room. My mum and myself were hooked on the in-room coffee maker, which we made doses of espressos. Glad that it didn't keep our night awake.

After the Js woke up, we went shopping in the mall and bought 2 boxes of clay for Jazz to play. We got both green and purple clay in hope to make Barney, but we failed big time, we are bad at it. This clay is mess free, it's like play doh, just that it can't be re-used after leaving to dry. Texture wise, I prefer clay to doh, it's grease free and easier to tidy. At least we had some indoor activity for Jazz. 
Non-messy clay session

Our funny looking figurines and fruits
The night approached and we explored the sky park again. City lights made the night view magnificent, a moment when you could view the whole of Singapore in one glance. It was also when I realized I have serious height phobia. I was terrified to be near the edge even though it was safely fenced up. Jazz was the brave one who kept asking me to bring her over. The thought of it is still making me shiver.

Beautiful city we have

Next day, we had another dip in the pool before handing the room over. After that, I did some shopping while Jazz and the man did a sampan ride. The ride was at $10 per pax. When Jazz got out of the sampan, she told me, "I didn't see any crocodile." Her row boat song has a crocodile mentioned, so I guess she was looking for one.

Row row row your boat, gently down MBS

It really was more than a fruitful weekend, but sometimes, we just can't get away from the hectic roles of a Mum and Dad with the little ones along. Well, I've come to terms with them being part of my fun everywhere and anywhere.

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