Friday, 23 September 2011

Clothes Spree

It's times to replenish their wardrobes again. Jare is quickly outgrowing his wears. Jazz's growth is slow and steady, so not much top ups for her, except for a set of pyjamas. I guess it's gonna be a pause to topping up their collection, hopefully. Most webbies are into winter collection now, not much choices for them. And I seriously dislike getting long sleeves for them, they are so sweaty all the time. And they are not in aircon 24/7.

Pink for Jazz

What's more! We're all ready for Christmas! It's not too far away, we're in September and Christmas is creeping near. Before you realise, it's another new year! OMG, how soon is time ticking away. Hurry through your 2011 resolutions if they've not come to past.

They're just too cute.

Clothes are necessity, you can't go outdoor without clothes. That's self-comfort to the damage done on shopping.

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