Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Get well kids!

It's exasperating! Jazz has been sick almost every other week. It got so frequent between these 2 months. It's peak for viruses to spread and to add on, the haze was here to visit. Weather is just bad. There was occasion when neither of us could take leaves due to work commitments, and my mum had to handle 2 little ones at home. It was tough! As much as we could, we'll rotate taking leaves to be with her when she's sick, just so that it isn't too taxing for my Mum.

Our week didn't start well. Jareth was down with fever after vaccination last Friday, he got well, then Jazz came down with fever, she got well and Jareth is down again. What a marathon! And when Jareth is unwell, it's torturing for all of us. We can't sleep well because of his cries, he wakes up every now and then for comfort, and there goes my precious sleep, trying all methods to comfort him. To make things worse, Jazz had diarrhoea last night. The man disrupted her sleep, changed and washed her in the middle of the night. Sweat!

I hardly bring Js to the doctor whenever they're sick. It's the usual process of quick examination and prescribing of medication. Medical bill doesn't come cheap too. We self medicate them most of the times, unless fever is exceptionally high. In any case, I brought Jazz to the doctor yesterday because she ran out of cough syrup. I asked the doctor for medication to boost her immunity, I'm tired of her getting sick every now and then. Doctor gave, and we're gonna start her on it for 2 weeks continuously. Hopefully it shows improvements.

She was resistant to fever patch until she saw it on Jareth recently

Sleeping and fighting their fever away

Jazz is now so familiar with the thermometer. She would get it and go to anyone, touch their forehead and say, "You got fever? Let me check." After she's done, she only has one same reading all the time, "ok, got fever, 38.5"

Well, this morning, Jazz was sent to school by her Daddy. Jareth is still recovering and I need to get my ass to work tomorrow! It really isn't easy being a working mum. The demand needed at home and the demand needed at work. What a life! But life is still beautiful when you look at the smiles on their faces. Get well kids!

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