Saturday 24 September 2011

Healthy Snacks

I'm a snacks person. To refrain the kids from adopting my unhealthy hobby, I've been crazily stocking up healthy snacks. We indulge in these together! Healthy organic snacks means nothing artificial. No artificial flavour, colouring or preservatives. Their ingredients are mostly from real fruits, and because it's for the little ones, there's vitamins, calcium and iron in the snacks. 
Yummies for tummies!
How cute are some of these packaged to attract the little ones. At first, I doubted their taste, after having tried them, they're really yummy! The puffs are a little bland, but Jazz loves them. My love is for the yoghurt melts, they're delicious and I give them to Jare as snacks too. Here's where I shop: Shipping is more worth if you garner more buys. USD is hiking now. Sobs!

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