Monday, 12 September 2011

Mickey's Music Festival

It was the day I've been talking to Jazz about - An evening with mickey and friends. She was very excited about it since morning, kept talking to my mum and bro about her date with mickey.

This evening, we were all dressed in our mickey wears and headed to MBS for dinner before the show. Jazz was all excited when she saw mickey and friends, she went pointing and naming every characters, mickey, minnie, donald duck and goofy. Then she went, 'Pluto is not there.'

Most families were dressed up in mickey wears. It was an interesting fashion of the evening. Parents were as excited as their children. If the kids are happy, then tickets were worth buying, if they're not, then too bad, tickets sold are not refundable. And I still couldn't believe that I brought Jare along. He seemed really young for it, and I wondered how can I coop him in the theatre till the musical ends. But he turned out well, gave 20mins of his attention to the casts before dozing off. I'm glad I didn't have to leave my seat for him.

The show was great, except that when they brought us through the other Disney stories, Jazz got a little bored because I didn't introduce her to Aladdin, Little mermaid and Toy story. She could only identify with mickey and friends. As the casts dance and sing, it was really cute to see little children dancing along the walkway. Parents were bouncing to the rhythm on their seats and for a moment, it felt like zouk for the under 18. So happening!

Minnie and friends

It's usually difficult to get a family portrait when we're out in four

Dad and daughter in mickey wear

Sleeping through despite the loud talking and music

It must be one of my lucky day with both kids relatively well behaved. That made our night easy. After the show, we walked around MBS and had supper at TCC. Our carpark bill was mad, for that few hours, it was $13! We had great time of family bonding though.

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