Friday 9 September 2011

Mickey Craze!

It's the season for Mickey. Can't believe I could be a mickey fan at this age, thanks to Jazz. I brought her to City Square last weekend to catch a glimpse of mickey and minnie. Don't recall myself going so crazy over F4 or any Korean pop star.

We were all so excited to watch mickey and minnie that evening, but it was such a disappointment, they came out to dance for less than a minute and that was it! Before we could gear up for excitement, it ended. My goodness! I'm thankful we stayed near city square, or else, it's definitely a wasted trip for any mickey fans

Mouse couple dancing


In view of our new love, I bought these for the 2 bigs and 2 smalls! That seems alot to me. We have a family icon now. 

Our tees! And one the grey one from ET.

What's more! I bought tickets to Mickey's music festival. With my partner in crime, Ms Leng, it makes decision quicker. We clicked and clicked and got our tickets online. Expensive buy.

Tickets for us! Jare's entrance is free, if he's going.

I hope Jazz will enjoy this pampering treat. She's ever excited when she sees the commercial on TV, and now, I can tell her we're going this Sunday! I hope the kiddos will behave.

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