Thursday 6 October 2011

All ready!

It was a long long search, high and low and everywhere! All efforts just to find the appropriate wear for Jazz's children's day celebration, to the wild wild west theme. Besides clothing, I'm also counting down excitedly to her performance, hours from now!

Here's what I've gotten for her to be a day of cowgirl:
Matching well

Damage done:
1. Checkered top/dress from mothercare - $36
2. Vest from H&M - $24.90
3. Boots from H and M - $59.90 (Can't believe I bought it!)
Total - $120.80!!!

Excitement drove me to buy that vest with sizing that states ' 12 to 18 mths'. I've no idea what I was up to, I only knew that vest was Wild! Jazz has to fit. Ideas and suggestions made my search quicker. My neighbour suggested I explore H and M, my colleagues chose the checkered top and recommended me those boots. Thanks ladies! 

While I was trying these on for Jazz last night, my mum said, "为什么把她打扮成 cowboy?" That was when I knew I was on the right track. Bingo! I hope all turns out well tomorrow, no rain, perfect weather please.

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