Sunday, 2 October 2011

Bye diapers

It was rather late for Jazz to be finally toilet train. She's been off diapers for about a month plus, except for night sleeps. She's getting perfect scores for her toilet training at home, but not in school. I've no idea why? Either teachers are not diligently helping or she's just too shy to express her urge. In any case, they have to learn it the hard way, I've since cut down the number of diapers in her bag from 6 to 2. Giving allowance for her to be on diapers only during nap. My every evening question to the teachers is always, "Any 'accidents' today?"

Finally some cost savings
My man was relaxed about her toilet training programme, but I was anxious. I felt that she's extremely well in expressing herself and this 'project' has to begin now, even though most of her classmates are still on diappy. It's difficult for me to accept if my little tot is speaking and expressing well, but not her toilet needs.

I began taking her off diapers on weekends, whenever we're home. When we're out, I'll put her on diapers. Gradually, I put her off diapers regardless of where we were. I became toilet conscious whenever we're out, to eat or to shop. When Jazz expresses her needs to pee or poo, I'll race to the nearest toilet to release her. And for being a girl, I am so uncomfortable about her sitting on public toilet bowls, but there's always a start.

Things are going on well so far, and I'm looking forward to put her off diapers for nights too.

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