Wednesday 5 October 2011

Certified clear!

Jazz didn't pass the health check at school this morning, she had an ulcer on her tongue. I was 99% sure that it was just a common ulcer, but her principal insisted us to bring her to a doctor to certify clear. I was very unwilling to do so because I wasn't ready to take half a morning off for this and spend unnecessary money on medical fees. I tried to explain that she could have bit her tongue while eating, but they didn't buy me. Darn, I was pissed!

I understand their concern and responsibility toward other children. Cautious is good, but overly cautious may not be necessary in some instances. They've seen and check many cases, I'm sure they are better than my maternal instinct. Perhaps, a very young and inexperience principal she's got. Anyway, it's time off work, yet again, and waste of money. Ulcer can be common, even at this point of time, I'm having an ulcer in my mouth.

In any case, I brought her to get that certification. Her children's day performance is the next day, and I wanted her to be in school today and tomorrow. It took us the whole morning because the clinic wait was long. We had some fun over breakfast while waiting for her turn. Her appetite was good and we had great bonding time, the only positive of the morning. If it was not for her performance the next day, I would have ignored her principal, bring Jazz home and let the ulcer subside the next few days. Even as of now, that ulcer is no where in sight.

It was her turn in queue, doctor saw the ulcer and said, "Ok, back to school." When we headed back to school, Jazz started to fuss. She thought it was a day out with us, never did it cross her mind that she was going back to school. At the carpark, she started crying and screaming that she doesn't want to go school. I empathized with her, and I knew it didn't feel good.

When we got back to school, I asked to see the principal, handed the certified letter and talked about my displease. I am rarely confrontational in a stern manner, because my child is in their hands. I was really unhappy, and for sending Jazz back at a later time, she cried like never before even though I stayed on to feed her lunch. She held and pleaded me to bring her away, but we just had to go. Teacher said she cried herself to sleep. My little poor girl...
$53 certification, bill to who?

I guess the school was just being safe, but yet, how do they account when I see some children bypassing the check station without opening their mouth? Going straight to their classes without being checked? I just wonder why was Jazz so cooperative this morning.

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