Sunday 30 October 2011

Eve of Deepavali

It's definitely a crazy idea to stroll Little India on the eve of Deepavali, but that's what we did. It was my mum's suggestion to appreciate the lightnings and decorations along the road. We strolled from home to the pasar malam, and then to city square's MacDonald for rest and drinks.

 Mum and daughter can't stop acting cute

While on our way home, Jazz saw the stage performance and didn't want to go home. Jare was near fussing for his milk and sleep, so I proceeded home with him. Jazz stayed on with my mum and her Daddy for the show. A show with no understanding because everything was in Tamil. My funny little girl.

Part of the crowd

Every year, on this day, it will never be a quiet night for us. It was so noisy outside despite my doors and windows being tightly closed. I was so afraid that the kids would wake up any moment, but glad that they slept well.

Welcome to Little India!

Despite these, we are loving our home for it's location. Minutes to city areas.

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