Thursday 13 October 2011

Growth is fast

Jare is growing so fast, I thought I just delivered him yesterday! Time flies once you have kids. In days time, he'll be an 8 month-er. He's a little fast crawler now, pulling himself up on any support he can find. He's a mummy's boy, ever sticky to me. If I were to walk past him without carrying him, he'll protest by crying out loud. My little boy is torturing me because he's still waking up for snacks! Only on rare occasions did he fast through the night. "Little boy, won't you be nice to mummy please?"

 Pulling himself up at any support

Enjoying moments of peekaboo

Soon, he'll be One, soon he's going to defend himself if sister bullies him and soon he'll outgrow his cuteness. I wished babies don't outgrow, I'll be sad for not having a baby to cuddle. I need to touch babies!  

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