Saturday 15 October 2011

Kite Flying

Last weekend, we brought the Js to fly kite, the real kite flying activity I meant. It was what we've been telling Jazz and putting on hold because of the frequent unpredictable wet weather. The man drove us to Marina Boulevard to explore our first attempt of kite flying. Getting the kite up high isn't as easy as one thought. It took the man quite some patient to finally get it up, even though it was barely a minute before the kite touched the ground. 

Jazz was having much fun running around the space than showing interest in the kite. No wonder about that, kite flying can be boring when it takes much time to get it up and a little tot can't get too much involve. Glad that I've brought snacks for her to munch on, and that kept her quite occupied. It was like a mini picnic for us.
Trying to be of helping hand to Dad

A moment of pride for the kite
Jare loves nature, he was smiley throughout
The achievement of the day, a good family smile!

I would love to bring the kids to big open space like this more often, to appreciate the nature, the fresher air and great view. It was time well spent!

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