Monday 10 October 2011

Cowgirl in school

The long awaited children's day performance was over. The morning was perfect, the parents were excited and so was the grandparents. My mum joined in her school's celebration too. I was the earliest riser that morning, I got everything prep, including Jare. He was joining too. We were on the dot for her performance, Jazz was suppose to report at 815am, but we arrived at 830am. At least we made it in time for her to perform. 

That morning, my little girl was moody. She had a late night and I've to wake her up at 745am. Having not enough sleep was enough to get her mood grouchy. As I dressed her, she told me, "I don't want to wear this, I don't want to wear that!" I was like, "what!" All my money and efforts to get your themed outfit, and you're doing this to me. I had to bribe her with a packet of m&m, which finally worked. We rushed everything through and left for school. Her teacher gave me a call when we were at the entrance, Jazz was missing during the row call. Phew! We were on time. 

The highlight of the day began - the kids performed. The little ones were all so adorable! Jazz performed well for the first few seconds of the 2 minute show, after which stage fright began to set in, she walked around and stood in the center of the stage till everything ends. My goodness! What happened to my little girl. Was she frightened, shy or what? And when we were home, she could do her steps so well. So you see why children are just full or surprises, you never know what you're in for.

After performances, we went round her school for activities and games. It was planned to leave Jazz in school after celebration, as the man and woman wanted some time to lunch as a couple. When we sounded out to her about going back to class, she violently objected and insisted to go home. Thinking it was such a happy occasion that day, we brought her home.

My star who froze on stage... 

Blazing "fire"

Jare took the stage

Loving his expression!

My checkered kids

It seemed like a busy morning. Although I wished she could have done it better, just for my video effect. With kids, expect the unexpected, even if it's just that one chance to showcase.

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