Sunday, 2 October 2011

New Helper

My dad got a helper when his house isn't ready! She arrived at my door step yesterday. My house is already as cluttered as it can be, as occupied as it can be, by big and small humans and a dog. Where's space to accommodate her?!!! Anyway, I sorted things out a little, gave a some space for her belongings and sorry for her, she has to bunk in, at a part of my living room.

Introducing my new helper from Philippines, Grace. She's new and inexperience, first time in Singapore. My weekend was spent training her. I've her to help around till my dad's house is ready. I'm loving her contributions. She's helping us with meals and household chores. I'm still pretty much involve with the kids though. Perhaps, not too comfortable in allowing a newbie handle them.

Jazz was little curious about her stay in, she started asking about her. I just said Auntie Grace will be staying with us, and asked her if it's okay. She nodded. I was worried about Jazz knowing too much of her roles, and start 'commanding' her for whatever she wants. I prefer Jazz to be hands on and work a little.

On her first day, I taught her to whip up the kids and adults meals. After which, I brought her to groceries shop with me. Her second day, she did most of the housework, and we went out. When home, the floor was speckless clean! A better job than any of us. Everything was cleaned, neat and tidy. I hope her standard maintains. That night, Jazz even allowed Grace to read her a book. I must say, I was impressed that she could read. Not being rude, I thought they were maids because of low education. I was so wrong.

Grace is alert and wise to me, she has good memory, I don't have to keep repeating myself to get things done. I hope she'll continue to be nice not just because she's new or trying to impress, but because it's her habit. I'm not used to having a helper around. Sometimes, I'll feel shy about asking her to help and I can't believe I left my plates and bowls unwashed in the basin and walk off. This feels shiok! It means less cream needed to moisturized my hands.

I'm usually occupied in the kitchen cooking weekend meals. Now, I can just tell her what and how to cook, and I can free up that time to do other stuff. I'm gonna bake real soon! A reason why I dislike baking is because of the many utensils and tools I've to wash after the batter goes into the oven. Maybe, I'll just be a little extra nice to her on the days I plan to bake.

I'm enjoying my next few months of luxury before she starts to 'serve' more people in a bigger place.

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