Tuesday 18 October 2011

Tourist for a day

We went on the Captain Explorer, DUKW tour last Sun. Coupon deals are everywhere these day, I saw this deal online and decided to bring the kids for a land and water tour, followed by a Fun Vee bus ride. Kids below 3, tour for free. Jazz has been asking to go on boat and bus, so we made it happen.

That morning, we took a cab to the Singapore flyer and got home by the Fun Vee bus, since it stops somewhere near our home. Barely 10 minutes onto the amphibian vehicle, Jare fell asleep. I guess the land breeze blew him to sleep. Jazz was excitedly looking around when we were on land and on water. I must say view from water is different from land, it made me realised how fast and how vast our country has changed. It's beautiful! Just like how we sing, "Sunny Island, bloom for you and me."  

The guide commentated about the different places of interest as we passed by them, and we were the only locals on board, so nothing amused us. Then he commented that Singapore has more than 4 national languages, I began to ponder, what was the fifth? We've English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil, what else? It's Tagalog, he joked. Not true, yet so right! Think about the fast food we buy over the counter, the salesperson in boutiques, the restaurant managers, the call centers that handle our queries, the telemarketers who call us, and the endless places they're working in. Even when I redeemed these coupon deals. I've them as colleagues too! Not surprised if Tagalog would be offered in schools as second or third language. 

On the amphibian vehicle

Walking home on a Sunday afternoon

It was a really warm day, but at least it wasn't raining. Thankful enough. We had great fun and the kids were all exhausted on the way back. Being a tourist can be very tiring even though it means holiday.

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