Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Royce Playgym

We brought Jazz to Royce on children's day. Royce is an indoor play area located at level 2 of Liang court. The place is really extensive with wide range of toys! It's children's world. The rates are pricey and for babies above 6 months old, they'll have to pay. Even though they have an area and toys for the crawlers, I find it expensive to pay. So Jare was home on children's day. 

Jazz loves the place very much and she didn't want to leave when time was up. She was very much into the soft toys in there, she held on to a Barney which she could hardly let go. I like the place pretty much too and I don't have to perspire all out. It's different from other indoor playgrounds because it's not about climbing up and down slides, but toys! I'm sure any kids will fall in love with the place. One bad, only an accompanying adult is allowed for each child, additional adult would be charged at $10! That's unfriendly. My man had to wait outside with magazines, while I bonded with the girl at play. Thankful for his patience.

Cubes of toys!
I hope Jazz won't like Barbie. They're expensive collection. 
Having kitchen fun with Little Justin
Trains for girls too
The slightly adventurous

I guess such pampering treat comes only with occasions like children's day, or any day as long as you think it's worth bringing smile across the faces of the little ones.

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