Monday 31 October 2011

Zoo again

Zoo again! That's an opportunity we must grab whenever you've successfully balloted for a corporate pass. So off we went, with the Js and my mum to the zoo on a Saturday morning. Packing for two on a whole day trip is no easy, I lugged two big bags of clothes, bottles, food, snacks and diapers for them. It was Jare's first visit to the zoo! He napped twice during our excursion, and wasn't much appreciating the animals. Some animals camouflaged so well that he probably saw nothing. He was timid when I brought him near a pony, but bold when it came to touching the baby goats, kids you call them.

The weather was great, except for a short shower in between. That was when we hurried to take shelter in the lions' 'den'. It's actually a sheltered viewing gallery of the lions. While waiting for the rain to cease, I fed Jare there. He had lunch with the lions.  
Jazz asked for her hat and sunglass

My kids playing with the kid
Jare was so frightened that he almost ripped my face apart
Prince Jareth - Ever waiting to be served

Water Play at zoo is a never miss

Jazz on the carousel

The kids had so much fun, so did we. Jazz seemed to have lost interest in the water play, she was afraid of the water sprouts and wasn't adventurous. Perhaps it's a playmate she's lacking - "Jare, jie jie is waiting to have more fun with you."

I wouldn't mind going to the zoo again, next time we'll plan our time well, so that we can feed some animals and ride on the elephant! Our Zoo has never ending fun.

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