Thursday 13 October 2011

Zouk Out

Can't believe I brought my kids to Zouk! It was a unique occasion when entrance was allowed for the under 18. Jazz loves music and dance, so I thought this was her show time. I ordered tickets for the family. It was pricey, $30 for each adult, $10 for Jazz and non-walker, Jare is FOC. It was an expensive event, which Jazz didn't make my money worth. She wanted to be carried throughout and not hit the dance floor. She was extremely curious, kept looking around, watched other kids dance instead of participating. Jare was all curious too. After awhile, he fell asleep despite the loud music.

Some kids are really cute, they danced and grooved on the stage, I admire their courage. I was hoping Jazz would join them, but she just clung on to her Dad. The music was unfamiliar to the kids, but they could still groove to it. Songs of the 70s and 80s were played, it was just like mambo night on Wednesdays. Well, I used to date there with my then boyfriend, and now husband. We are mambo fans!  
Bubbles and balloon signifies for the below 18 party

 Flower Balloon

Art and Craft corner
 Tattoo for little zouk ah lian

Yes, the babies love disco!

Now Jazz would say, "Mummy, I want to go ZOO again." Hmm, I think zoo is better. I hope when she grows, I won't be worrying about her telling me she'll be home late, because she's going zouk tonight.

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