Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Beyond toys

I love getting books for Js, and so I decided to visit the bookFest at Suntec. It's high time to move Jazz beyond just knowing ABCs and 123s. I bought her loads of assessment books and some story books, spending a sum of $150 for these enrichment. My man saw these, looked at Jazz and commented, "Poor Jazz." It's always the perception you choose to view it from. To me, it's progression, and because I don't send Jazz to expensive enrichment classes out there, I've to be more diligent in her 'academics.' A mummy who spends about 2k every month for her 4 year old son's enrichment classes once told me what she was doing was only survival. These preschool books are good through till she's six. I'm not kiasu, but quoting - survival only.     
Maths, English and Chinese
The man said he would teach on 'time', but lesson has not began
Loving her Letterland book

The right book to get is when colour (UK) is not spelt as color (US)

I'm not sure if Jazz is ready to start writing and reading, but I'll just introduce them gradually. I've to keep trying repeatedly to know what's she ready for and what she's not. Parenting is getting more challenging.

BookFest is running till 27 Nov 11, at Suntec Hall 601 - 603

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