Saturday, 19 November 2011

Cakes and Tea

Sometimes we really run out of places to go, or rather we've been tied down by weddings every other week, it's difficult to plan an outing. Jazz is now a perfect guest to be at weddings, she would sit through the dinners with minimum fuss. This evening, being free after dinner, we decided to have cakes and tea at a nearby restaurant, newly opened around our area at Penhas Road - Antoinette. 

It's my third time there and I'm ever praising about the place to anyone who loves cakes and tea. We brought Jazz along, but left the boy at home. The place was filled with kids on a Saturday evening. I'm loving this place far over TWG, because they have high chairs here and not at TWG. That's how a mummy rates restaurants. Sweets wise, cakes, macarons and tea at Antoinette tastes so much better too. The place is also very beautifully embellished to the vintage theme, even their toilet is worth a visit. 
Jazz enjoying herself on the couch
As if she knows what tea to choose

Model for hire, anyone?
She loved every bite of them, so did I
Jazz took every bite of the cake and went, "hmm, very nice." For that moment, she really sounded like a food critic. Our bill of 2 adults and 1 kid came up to about $50. If you think tea and cake sessions are only for the adults, it's time renew mindset and bring the kids in. Not to worry, they have caffeine free tea. I shared that with Jazz. We had great bonding through chatting and playing mini games with Jazz. The next time we're there, I want to try its dinner and hopefully, bill it to the man, which he did this time. Oh, do remember to bring a cardigan along for the little one, it's pretty cold in there. 

Other branches Antoinette can be found include Mandarin Gallery and Scarlet Hotel.  

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