Thursday, 3 November 2011

Classic pictures

Jare has unknowingly become Jazz's toy. My goodness! And my mum was part of their gang.

Jare became Jazz's passenger on her toy trolley, which was able to hold his light weight. Worrying to watch her push around, but I thought they looked adorable. She must have got this inspiration whenever I groceries shop with her in the NTUC trolley.  
I think he was nervous!
Enjoying their play at the expense of my worry

Little Shrek

I was busy in the kitchen when my man asked me out to watch a 'little hero' in action. An orange superman. He really seemed to enjoy having some bands on his head. Goodness! 

Recycled Halloween wear from sis

Sis is still not having enough fun of dressing him

I call these pictures, classic moments. Moments when I needed to run, grab my camera and snap! Looking forward to more creative ideas from them. 

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