Friday, 25 November 2011

Jare's First step

Jare is getting cheekier each day, I'm gradually agreeing that boys are much more difficult to handle than girls. This little boy is getting mischievous, brought him to a wedding dinner last weekend and realized it was a nightmare. He wouldn't sit still in his high chair, except for 10 minutes when he was munching on his crackers. He would stretch his hands out to anything and everything on the table, it was chaotic. Throughout our dinner, the man and myself had to rotate shifts to bring him in and out the ballroom.

Cheeky little one

Last Friday marked his exact 9 months, I spotted him taking his first step. Like every other parents, his first step felt so magical. It was another milestone achieved. Although he's still an expert on his fours, in no time, he's gonna be a little fast walker, and then a runner. How time flies and I thought I just delivered him yesterday.  

Balancing and cruising around 

Every milestone poses new challenges. Looking optimistic, I think parenting is fun.

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