Monday 7 November 2011

Official haircut

I've chopped off my hair recently, and so I sounded to Jazz about trimming her hair and bringing her for a hair cut. Talking about my new hairstyle, which I've boldly chopped off to above shoulder length, I got home with my new look and Jare couldn't recognise me. He frowned and cried when he saw me, as if I was some alien to him. That was comical.

Back to Jazz, I wanted to trim her fraying hair as she has an important mission on my bro's wedding coming Friday - Flower girl. I brought her to United square, Junior League, a cut is $22 bucks! I wanted to keep her fringe and length, and the cutter cut them short. I merely wanted a trim for Jazz, not cut! Argh! Her hair ended up more frayed than before. Darn! 
Entertained by Barney
All focused on Barney
I brought her to a kids' salon because she hasn't had any official haircut since birth, I was her trimmer all the while. I was hoping she wouldn't fidget too much and stay focused on the video. Most importantly, I wasn't ready for a situation when the cutter would ask me to carry her for cut, and having hair all over me. Glad this turned out well. It was funny when I put her on the salon's chair, I said, "Jazz, you sit here, watch Barney while auntie trim your hair, alright?" I didn't expect a reply, and she said, "Mummy, I want to cut like Katy Perry." For a moment, I could see other parents giggling at us. Katy Perry, Lady gaga and all other video and songs seen on MTV and heard over the radio are introduced by her Daddy. Wonder what is my man teaching!  

This is not working too well now
I've got this leave on conditioner for her recently to tame those stubborn curls, it worked quite well for her, but now, it's a little too difficult on her shorter hair. Jazz's hair is very thin and lightweight. I hope she'll grow thicker and more luxurious hair along the days. After all, the it's the crown of our head, it sets our appearance.

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