Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Powdered Calcium

I've never foreseen myself doing so much work for Jare's food, not to even mention Jazz. I've always thought my kids are losing out on an adventurous food journey because I couldn't afford the time and attention a SAHM could - to prepare nutritious meals. As much as I can, I'll try. 
I've never thought of preparing a source of calcium this way, until some mummies spoke about it. So then, I bought some ikan billis (Anchovies), those with the heads and tails chopped, and turned them to powder. It sounded like a chaotic process to me, but after trying it, everything was simple:

1. Wash and drain the ikan billis
2. Baked them at 180 deg, for about 20 mins. Stopping at half time to stir and spread them evenly again.
3. Blend and voila! Powdered Ikan Billis 

The headless, tail-less and split Ikan billis

Powered Calcium! Leave it to cool and store in a cool dry place

My end result wasn't as powdered as imagined. That's because I wasn't using a blender with leveled blades, but you can always sieve them if you aren't satisfied with the finest of it, especially it being baby's food. Ikan billis are very good source of calcium and I'm going to sprinkle some into Jare's porridge tomorrow, to make it tastier as well! Hope he likes it.

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