Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Royce again

It was Jazz's school closure yesterday. I brought her to Royce, yet again, for some good fun and bonding while the man is at work. Good thing he left the car for our usage, it was raining mad. We did lunch at Liang court, after which we played at Royce. As usual, the things that captured her attention were the soft toys, especially Barney and friends. 

The place was quite empty to visit on a weekday afternoon, we were there on a Monday, from 1240hrs to 1340hrs. There were less than 3 kids around. It was as good as having the whole place to ourselves. This time, I was caught between signing up for the membership or not. I missed signing up when we were there for the trial, which could be cheaper. And since this is an annual membership, I decided not to go for it. I'm not sure how often we'll be coming by, although I really love the place because I don't have to run around madly like other physically challenging play gyms. At Royce, they're all toys, nothing too adventurous about them. One bad, babies above 6 months have to pay, I felt it wasn't too worth paying for Jare although I must agree, there are toys suitable for him. This explained Jare being home bound again.   
Trying to scoop these into her arms
Kitchen play - Her favourite too
After play, I went Mac to pack some burgers for home, Jazz saw someone getting an ice-cream cone and hinted, "Mummy, I got fever?" I said, "Nope, you want an ice-cream?" The only time she knows she's not getting near any ice-cream is when fever or cough battles with her. Anyway, I got her an ice-cream, and we shared.

Ice cream on a rainy day
After play and ice-cream, it's time we head home. Usually, in the car, Jazz would be very talkative, and sometimes distracting me so much from my driving. On our way home, I realised this noisy little girl is all quiet. At a traffic light stop, I turned to look at her and snapped her sleeping. She slid off her booster seat and found a comfortable position to sleep. She even took off those socks and shoes of hers.

Looking comfortable with those fingers again

It was all fun! I enjoyed this moment when it's only two of us. She didn't misbehave and that made our outing pleasant.

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