Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sunday Church

For many months, my mum has been bringing Jazz to Sunday school in a church behind our block. One of the Sundays, Jazz requested that I come along, and I did. Together with my Mum, I brought Jare along too. It was free play when we arrived, which means we were early and while waiting to begin, both Js were hooked on the toys. When it was time to keep the toys away, Jazz lent her helping hands to clean up. It was my first time with her there, but to her, it's her routine. She knows the programme really well - singing, praying, offering, story time, colouring and her favourite moment, treats! She knew each segment really well. I was being led by her instead. 

Even though Jare was too young for these, he enjoyed his time there too. At different moments, he was letting out screams of excitements, I could see that he really enjoyed the crowd, toys and music. To sum, Sunday school is fun!  
Jare on a toy that he couldn't let go

Singing and Clapping
"This the way you brush your teeth..."

Pay attention Jare!
Moral of the day - It is wrong to lie
I'm pretty pleased to see them enjoy Sunday school so much. When home, Jazz would never stop singing those songs she learned in there. As I'm blogging, they're off to Sunday school again. I didn't tag along, I'm doing the cooking. So Sunday, at this time, my house is really really peaceful.

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