Sunday 18 December 2011

Baby's First Christmas Party - 2011

Jare's First Chirstmas party - 2011 ended with a blast! Js enjoyed themselves at the party. Just a pity that I couldn't play and spend time with them because I was so occupied with the programme. I'm just relieved that everything's over and it's back to spending more time with the kids. 

Man's bow tied for picture only
I bought matching bow ties for both my man and boy, but the man was not bold to wear it for the party. Jare was shortlisted for the best dressed baby, but was defeated by the really best. Isn't his outfit cool? At least, his mummy thinks it's awesome.

While waiting for the contests to begin, the kids and babies roamed around to play:

Did he eye this little princess? That's baby Char


Jare loves ball pool

After free play, it was the crawling contest followed by the fastest diaper changing Daddy contest. Prior to the party, I've already pre-empted my man about bucking up his diaper changing skill. Well, I must agree that our boy has grown beyond staying still for a diaper change. Know what, our team came in last for this segment. While other babies stayed still, he got up and crawled away!

See! Tough boy! Picture courtesy of: SG East photography
Never mind that we lost the diaper changing contest, Jare came in 3rd for his crawling contest. Not too bad huh! It was really funny when we put the babies together for such a contest, when the timer started counting, all babies sat still at the start point and parents had to strategize to bring their baby to the finishing line, which is about 5 to 6 meters away. It wasn't too tough for Jare when we used a toy to lure him, and he was really fast! I've trained him for this... if you believe. He won himself a pair of kneekers sponsored by pupsik studio, a bottle of puffs and melts sponsored by mummy Jes. Jare won't be using it, he's gonna start walking soon.
That toy that enticed him to crawl. Picture courtesy of: SG East photography
Prize presentation! Picture courtesy of: SG East photography

The tots and my sponsored pinata
I love pinatas, don't know why. It's like a game of mystery, not knowing which string will trigger the door to open. Candies fell and the kids swept them off the floor. One thing about party, kids are ever overdosed with sugar. To add on, it's Christmas! I tried to neutralize the contents by including some stationery. 


Can I be proud for a moment - "My boy is handsome!"
The party ended well, except for some parts being disorganized. Many mummies came forward to tell me how much they have enjoyed and how appreciative they are in putting together this bash. Compliments are really encouraging, thanks mummies! Compliments are free and makes people happy, no harm using them abundantly.

It seemed like a long evening for us, all efforts were worthy. I thank my kids for releasing me to make the party happen. Looking forward to plan Jare's Big One!

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