Saturday, 17 December 2011

Chirstmas Party planned

My days have been busy with Jare's first Christmas Party, which is happening later! I had to organise everything from zero to what will be happening later. There will be 71 adults, 35 babies and 8 toddlers!

Baby's First Christmas Party
I emailed for sponsors, designed programme and prepared their goodie bags. The party is self funded by the participants, with some very nice mummies who sponsored items and cash. Throughout the planning, I had fun and realized I could do so much for a party! Hint: Consider engaging me as a party planner. Although, I'm not sure if everything will turn out fine later, I just hope all the babies, tots and parents will have great fun.
Jare's goodie bag with some items sponsored
Hair Clips sponsored by Hip Kids Boutique
Bow ties bought
Bibs for the girls
Bibs for the boys
Goodie bags packed
All ready and packed for the bash later. I've transported them to the venue yesterday so we can travel light today. Sponsored prizes packed and their gifts for exchange wrapped. My Js are all ready for the big event later. I hope they'll enjoy with no fuss.         

Jare's outfit

Love this cute little outfit I got for him. Christmas outfits are expensive and can only be worn once before they outgrow, I thought we shouldn't invest in one.

Scared Face

As much as we're all excited about the party later, this boy gave himself a scratch on his face this morning. Argh, doesn't he know that he's gonna meet some cute little girls later?!!

Looking forward!

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