Sunday 25 December 2011

Christmas time

Similar to the previous year, I brought the kids to my company's Christmas party on Thursday. Of course, Jare joined only this year, and this was Jazz's second time. There was Santa Claus, balloon sculptor and face painter. All the kids enjoyed!

I've bought presents earlier for Santa to give to the Js. While many kids and colleagues were waiting for their turn to receive their presents, Jazz asked me where was hers. She waited and waited for her name to be called, but Jare's name was before hers. Seeing that little brother has a present, she wondered where was hers. With disappointment, she told me, "I don't have." I said, "soon soon, you've been good right?" She nodded. 
Love her expression when she saw her wished toy
She's infatuated with Barney!
Jareth fell asleep while playing with Daddy's phone
Picture with Santa - My colleague
Jare kept occupied with his balloon
After the party, we strolled down orchard for some good view of Christmas decos and absorbed the Christmas atmosphere. Jare is ever fuss free when it comes to sight seeing or shopping in my carrier. Jazz took seat in the stroller, and that made our night easy.
Stroller and carrier are necessities!
Christmas story stroll
Merry Christmas!
Christmas seems to get mundane as years go by, or rather as I age. No late nights, no parties, no feasts and I slept before 12 on eve, not bothered to even countdown. Yet times like these are precious with our little ones since they're young and home bound with us. As years and decades go by, they would start celebrating such occasions with friends and lovers. I don't know how parents will ever be ranked by them. Oh my gosh! A far far thought, but before you know it, it comes to past. Have you not realised time flies once you reached 20s, then faster at 30s and even faster at 40s and perhaps, pace slows down again at 60s or 70s. Thinking of wrinkles now... Whatever the future, enjoy the present!

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